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Synthetic Blend Oil Change Special
Includes standard oil filter, up to 5 qts of SYNTHETIC BLEND oil and complete vehicle inspection.
Engine Coolant Inspection & Service
Drain & Replace with up to 1 Gallon of Antifreeze, Inspect all hoses, fittings and water pump.
Brake Fluid Flush and Repair Service
Your car’s brake system is a vital part of your vehicle and needs to function properly to help keep you safe.
Exhaust System Maintenance
With a proper exhaust system maintenance, you can reduce amount of noise your car makes and can improve performance.
Shock & Strut Part & Install Rebate
On select shocks and struts installed. Up to $80 back on qualifying parts and up to $80 back on installation.
Free Complex Battery Check
We check the condition of your car battery, including battery starting and charging systems with latest testing equipment.

Low Overhead Means Savings for You

Our mechanics are mobile. Not only do we have significantly lower overhead costs compared to the local shops, but as a national brand, we are able to negotiate better prices from the auto parts vendors. We pass these savings to you! The bigger the job, the more you save.

Car Service Average Dealer Price Car Repair Savings Location
2009 Cadillac DTS Change oil and filter $71.37 – $85.37 $63 19% Los Angeles, CA
1998 BMW 540i Air filter replacement $113.37 – $148.37 $92 30% San Jose, CA
2003 GMC W5500 Forward Pre purchase car inspection $126.00 – $175.00 $98 34% Charlotte, NC
2003 Kia Sorento Brake pads replacement $216.04 – $251.04 $186 20% Charlotte, NC
2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara Battery replacement $212.56 – $247.56 $192 16% Los Angeles, CA
2003 Pontiac Grand Am Spark plugs replacement $104.27 – $139.27 $83 31% Charlotte, NC
1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager Alternator replacement $294.00 – $332.50 $231 26% Phoenix, AZ
2002 Toyota Sienna Water pump replacement $465.96 – $605.96 $379 29% Austin, TX
2003 Mitsubishi Outlander Timing belt replacement $695.36 – $814.36 $540 28% San Francisco, CA
2004 Hyundai Elantra Starter replacement $258.97 – $293.97 $226 18% Charlotte, NC

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